Mark Hileman graduated from the Texas Tech University College of Architecture.  While in college Mark experimented with sculpting and painting and soon was selling his artwork to help pay his tuition.  In 1974 Mark opened his architectural office in Scottsdale, Arizona and that same year began making jewelry. The sculptural shapes and use of vibrant inlay color in his opal jewelry designs are an expansion and blending of his diverse artistic backgrounds.

Over the last 44 years Mark has inlaid every material imaginable in his jewelry designs. However, for many years his inlay material of choice for his inlay jewelry has been Australian opal. Mark has established lasting relationships with the elite of Australia’s opal miners and dealers to ensure that he continues to obtain the finest opal available for his exquisite Australian opal jewelry.

“There is no other material that I know of that is as exciting to work with as Australian opal. Its variations of light, pattern and color are endless. To take what once belonged to the earth and give it new life in my inlay jewelry creations is very gratifying."


Did You Know?

We also produce a sterling silver jewelry line featuring unique inlay materials such as dinosaur bone, turquoise, sugilite, lab created opal and other colorful stones inlaid in silver, gold and stainless steel!

Australian opal rings with a variety of colored gemstone accents set in 14k gold.
Mark Hileman, jewelry designer specializing in Australian opal inlay jewelry.

Australian Opal Jewelry




Mark Hileman started using Australian opal in his jewelry in the early 1980's and was a pioneer in Australian opal inlay jewelry in the United States.  Combining outstanding Australian opal with other colorful gemstones gives Hileman opal rings and jewelry a unique, bold and colorful look.  Hileman opal jewelry is easily recognized by its impeccable craftsmanship, precisely fit inlay and, of course, its incredible Australian opal.  You will often find the Australian opal in our  engagement rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings accented by gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and topaz set in 14 karat gold.  Each piece of Hileman opal jewelry is handcrafted by Mark and John Hileman in our Arizona jewelry studio. Mark's son John has been involved in creating  jewelry for the last 29 years making for a very experienced and knowledgeable team.   Hileman opal jewelry is available in upscale jewelry stores and galleries across the US as well as online at TheHilemanCollection.com and Etsy.com.   

Women's Australian opal rings with topaz, rubies, white sapphire and amethyst gemstone accents by Mark Hileman.

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